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Our Dedication

Volumeno is a worldwide supplier of first-class hotel cosmetics and individual hotel accessories, dedicated to enrich the guest experience worldwide.

Our portfolio offers well known international luxury & designer brands like AIGNER and WUNDERKIND, signature lines like Ästhetique and Nordic Seasons and of course the possibility, to create your own signature line together with us.

Volumeno has its offices in Dubai, UAE and Munich, Germany.

Our History

Founded in a time of transformative change within the hospitality industry, Volumeno emerged with a visionary approach: to redefine the distribution of hotel cosmetics through the power of digital showcasing. Recognizing the shift towards digital engagement, we embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between prestigious brands and distinguished hotels around the globe, leveraging digital platforms to present physical B2B products in a new light.

With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we've curated a diverse selection of premium cosmetics, aligning with partners and brands worldwide that share our vision for quality and sustainability. serves not just as a marketplace but as a testament to the evolving landscape of hotel amenities, where convenience, luxury, and environmental consciousness converge.

At Volumeno, we're not just adapting to the changing industry; we're helping to shape its future, one product at a time.

Our Philosophy

Our vision extends beyond just supplying products. It is based on our 3 core values are:Quality, Service Excellence and Sustainability. Together with our partners we are serving the hospitality industry - Hotels, Airlines & Cruise Liners - for more than 20 years.

Rest assured that our team of experts works closely with each client, ensuring a personalized approach that aligns with their specific requirements and brand identity.

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